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Subject:Re: critical apparatus: advice to encode the omission of several paragraphs?
From:Robert Whalen (rwha@NMU.EDU)
Date:Feb 9, 2011 1:42:29 pm

Indeed, is the missing text an omission--which implies a failure to include, deliberate or otherwise--or is it just not there for reasons not understood fully? Why not just a <note> within the <app>/<lem> indicating the absence in this witness of text present in the others?


On 2/9/11 4:26 PM, Marjorie Burghart wrote:

Hmmm... Well, but wouldn't it be quite a step to label a variant reading of 'omission' type as a <delSpan/>? According to the guidelines, a <delspan/>: "marks the beginning of a longer sequence of text deleted, marked as deleted, or otherwise signaled as superfluous or spurious by an author, scribe, annotator, or corrector" (11.3.4). It's not the case here, no deletion, just an omission. Besides, I need to attach the variant reading to a witness.

Le 09/02/2011 22:13, Lou Burnard a écrit :

<delSpan> is provided for this purpose.

On 09/02/11 20:07, Marjorie Burghart wrote:

Hello! I'm encoding a 19th c. edition of a medieval text, and one of the witness has omissions of several paragraphs. Of course, the TEI schema won't let me put<p> elements inside an<app>/<lem> element...

What would the best practice be to encode this, taking into account that: - I use the parallel segmentation method - It is important to me to keep a methodical link between the encoded apparatus and the notes noumbers in the original edition (currently, the @n of each<app> tag bears the number of the footnote in the original edition)

Thanks in advance for your help! Marjorie


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