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Veit (Weber-Gesamtausgabe)Jul 20, 2009 2:15 pm 
Daniel Paul O'DonnellJul 21, 2009 12:46 pm 
Subject:app and structural elements
From:Veit (Weber-Gesamtausgabe) (in@WEBER-GESAMTAUSGABE.DE)
Date:Jul 20, 2009 2:15:03 pm

Hi all,

when encoding librettos from the 18th century based on several sources we had to learn that it is impossible to use <app> combined with (or embracing) structural elements such as <p>, <lg> and <l>. Even though it is possible to use <app from "X" to "Y"> and to put the <app>-element in the "restriction-free"-room following such structural units it would often be much more easier and quicker to use a form as the following one (please excuse, I miss the original example at the moment and give a purely constructed one which is not ideal in any case but should only show the unit which we wanted a mark "in one go"!): <...> <sp> <speaker>Somebody in despair</speaker> <app> <rdg wit="s1"> <lg type="refrain"> <l>O look my problem here</l> <l>Is not the empty beer!</> <l>Instead I did not know</l> <l>how to keep the effort low.</l> </lg> </rdg> <rdg wit="s2"> <p>I don't dare to sing this silly refrain which is only an illustration of tiny problems!</p> </rdg> </app> </sp> <...> What was the reason to forbid such structural embracing with an app-element? If somebody is willing to give us a short hint why we sit on the wire (as we say in German) in this case, we should be very gratful! Thanks in advance, Joachim Veit