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Veit (Weber-Gesamtausgabe)Apr 1, 2010 12:52 am 
Subject:Equivalent to <app> on structural level?
From:Veit (Weber-Gesamtausgabe) (in@WEBER-GESAMTAUSGABE.DE)
Date:Apr 1, 2010 12:52:33 am

Hi all,

who is able to help? While I m really fascinated by the manifold possibilties to
describe variants on the phrase level by the elements <app>, <lem> and <rdg>, I
can't find a corresponding element on the structural level. What is the best way
to do this in a convenient way?

Typical example coming from a dramatic text (e.g. a song in a play): wit 1: consists of a "speach" with three "line groups", each with four "lines": <sp> <speaker>XY</speaker> <lg> <l>aaaa</l> <l>aaaaa</l> <l>aaaaa</l> <l>aaaaa</l> </lg> (x 3) <sp> wit 2: replaces this "speach" by a totally different one, e.g. with only two
"line groups", each with three "lines" (and a different content of the song:) <sp> <speaker>XY</speaker> <lg> <l>bbbbb.</l> <l>bbbbb</l> </lg> (x 2) <sp> I encode both versions of the drama in the same file. All variants on the phrase
level are easily to encode. But how may I "wrap" the two variants of this
"speach" (as two different but in each case coherent readings) in a convenient
(and easy renderable) way? Is there any element on the structural level which is
similar to the <app> on the phrase level, so that the first "speach" (or song)
is the lemma and the second one a kind of "reading"? Many thanks for any help! Yours, Joachim Veit